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Updated: Dec 2, 2021

Do you have an attitude of sufficiency; having enough; being enough?

Let us focus on being thankful for what we already have. This is not to say that we ought not to want more; it is human nature to want more or better. In fact, if you woke up one morning and wanted nothing at all, it would definitely be time to check your vital signs!

Wanting more and better is all part of being alive but when you become driven by the constant desire to acquire more - to HAVE more material things, then you begin to forget what is truly important.

Let us recognise the difference between ‘having’ more and ‘being’ more. Do you really need to have more material possessions? Or do you need to BE more? Be your best self; be more of who you are meant to be? Fulfilled, passionate, loving, joyful, making a positive difference?

When you can truly enjoy what you already have, and be thankful for it; when you focus on developing ALL of who you are; when you set out to use your gifts and abilities for the highest good, then you find yourself blessed with all that you need to keep on BEING all that you are!

Everything that you truly need is already available to you, when you choose to BE enough. And what is the basis of true prosperity? Is it the possession of great amounts of material wealth? Or is it the quiet sense of ‘enoughness’; knowing that everything you need is always available right on time?

So will you seek to make a living where you are materially wealthy, or will you choose to make a LIFE where you are genuinely happy and at peace, knowing that…


Much love and many blessings to you!


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