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Just Be Here!

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

Have you ever noticed how much of your time and energy is spent thinking about the past or the future?

There is nothing that we can do about past or future events. This is not to say that we cannot make plans - it is good to have goals and plans. However, our plans would do well to include a margin for things turning out differently. It is important for us to know what we want, but equally important to let go of the outcome, once we have done all that we humanly can.

The only way that we can make use of the past is to learn from our mistakes so that we can live the present using the benefit of those lessons. The only way we can affect the future is to live the present in such a way that we set the stage for more positive experiences to come.

What’s the common factor here? The present of course!

Let’s face it, we cannot do anything yesterday or tomorrow when we stand at the vantage point of the present moment. We cannot take action yesterday, and when tomorrow comes, it is actually today isn’t it?

Let us seize this present moment and focus our precious energy on being here - right here, right now! This way we can make the best possible use of the only time that we have, which is NOW.

So let us avoid the distress of regretting the past, and worrying about the future! It is a waste of time, and only causes us stress.

Instead let us focus on NOW and NOW and NOW - it is all the time we ever have, and it is our choice where we place our efforts today!

Just be where you are - present, accounted for, and accountable!

Much love to you!


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