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Love and Vulnerability.

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

Can you love and not give your power away?

Truly loving somebody surely makes you vulnerable because you give yourself willingly and completely; sharing yourself honestly with that person; allowing them to see who you really are. If you are unwilling or afraid to be vulnerable, then you would be holding back - not loving fully. Your vulnerability does not however, make you powerless; it actually empowers you, as it takes courage to show yourself truly to another; to take the chance of loving fully.

But when you present the naked truth of who you really are to another, and your truth is rejected by the other, what do you do? Do you cover your nakedness and vow to never again let your truth be seen? Do you give up hope that your truth may ever be accepted by another? No dear one, instead you cry all of your tears, feel all of your pain, allow your heart to be broken open, knowing that "this too shall pass", and then go forward as a stronger version of yourself!

Despite the many painful experiences in my life, I have chosen to heal, I have chosen to move forward, I have chosen to grow and become more and more of who I truly am... indeed who I have always been. I have learned from these hurts, but not allowed them to taint the essence of ME!

Ultimately, the most important task that we each have in life is to recognise, nurture, develop and give the gifts that we brought into this world for the highest good of all! The hardest lesson that I continue to learn is that while many may not accept the truth of me, I go on loving unconditionally, living purposefully, accepting the apologies that were never given. For if I love truly (unconditionally) then it matters not whether there is reciprocation; it is simply enough to love truly, starting with myself.

So much love and many blessings,


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