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The Environment For Wellness.

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

What does it mean to be well?

We all want to be well, but what does that mean? Does it mean being pain-free and physically strong? While these characteristics are definitely desirable and important for ease of living, are they the only things that make us well?

When healthy is not enough!

We may all have experienced times in our lives when simply feeling physically good did not suffice. When the mental and emotional environment (the inner landscape) is not harmonious, then the measure of our wellness decreases. And if this is allowed to continue for long enough, we may eventually find our physical constitution compromised.

Where did that ache come from?

I believe that physical ailments begin as lower thoughts which give rise to lower emotions, which in turn manifest over time as troubles in the physical body if these negative conditions are sustained. So if we want to be truly well, then we need to attend to the unseen (thoughts and emotions) as well as the tangible (physical body and circumstances). When we can achieve balance among all these, then we can come to a place of true wellness, which goes beyond mere physical good health!

Quality of the inner landscape.

So let us focus on the quality of our thoughts and emotions, keeping them based in love and trust, rather than fear and doubt. In this way, we can manifest (and maintain) that which is for our highest good in our physical bodies and circumstances.

Awareness practice.

One good way, I have found, to keep my mental and emotional life healthy and balanced is to regularly check in with myself. There was a time when I would actually set alerts on my phone to remind me to check in several times each day. This is no longer necessary for me now, as it has become a habit for me to do so.

Course-correction and balance.

Checking in means taking time to notice how I feel physically, mentally and emotionally. If I notice that I feel less than happy and comfortable in any of these aspects of my being, I then make adjustments to rectify that. It may be as simple as taking a break, having something nourishing to eat or drink, going for a walk, getting some exercise or fresh air. There is always something you can do to course-correct!

When we take care of both the internal and external landscapes, making regular adjustments for our comfort and wellbeing, we can then maintain the balance that creates the environment for wellness.

So much love and many blessings to you!


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