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What's Your Real Motivation?

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Have you ever wondered how much of what you do is motivated by ego? The ego is that part of you that attempts to keep you “safe” (and small) by telling you stories… fearful stories about yourself, about life and about other people. If you act from that place you will often do the wrong things; or perhaps the right things but for the wrong reasons, which can be just as harmful.

I have learnt that more important than what you do, is how you do it, and the real reason why! It is therefore essential to your spiritual growth that you be honest with yourself about the true reasons behind your actions, or lack thereof. And although others may not know your true reason, it does affect the energy of the action, and the ultimate outcome.

If your action is ego-based then it will not be from a place of love and trust, since the ego keeps us safe through fear. When you notice the ego becoming involved in your process, you can thank it for sharing and for trying to keep you safe. Then search yourself instead for a love-based response to whatever you are faced with. In this way your actions will always be for the highest good of all concerned, including yourself.

Instead of giving in to the ego which tries to keep you safe through fear, know that living from a place of true love for yourself and others is the only ‘safety’ that you will ever require!

Love and blessings to you.



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