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Reiki & Crystal Treatment
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Yoga Therapy

Healing Oasis

Healing Oasis

Healing Oasis
Healing Oasis Welcome

Healing Oasis Welcome

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Distance or in-person energy treatments to remove energy blocks and enhance wellbeing.


Small group sessions designed to benefit you no matter what your level of experience with yoga.



Online or in-person private sessions tailored to suit your needs to promote injury recovery and enhance general well-being.


  • Yoga Classes

  • Yoga Therapy

  • Distance Reiki

  • Stress Management Coaching



Complete Yoga Routine for Seniors (paperback cover)_edited.jpg

Complete Yoga Routine for Seniors

Three gentle yoga routines designed with seniors in mind:

  • Posture & Balance

  • Core & Upper Body

  • Posterior Chain & Lower Body


Each routine targets different aspects of the anatomy for an all encompassing workout.

My Yoga Journey Weekly Yoga Tracker and Journal Cover_edited.jpg

My Yoga Journey:
Weekly Yoga Tracker and Journal

A weekly yoga journal that allows you to record your fitness goals and track your progress over a period of 1 year.

Keep track of which days you practise, the routines you do, and body areas that you work on each week.

Record your reflections and observations each week.

YHS Everyday Wisdom ebook Cover.png

Everyday Wisdom:
Healing Words for the Journey

The writings that I share with you in this book are the product of countless moments of introspection, tears shed, and lessons learnt.

YK Recipe Book Cover.png

Clean Healthy Cooking:
Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free Recipes

All of these recipes have been tried and taste-tested by a cross-section of people, including those who are sensitive to gluten and those who are not.

This book takes the guesswork out of gluten-free dairy-free cooking and baking.


Yoga Routine Videos:
A package of 2 gentle yoga videos

The videos contained in this package include simple poses that provide you with gentle yoga workouts for upper body and lower body, with an emphasis on beneficial breath work throughout each video. I recommend that these videos be used at least once or twice per week to promote full body strength and flexibility in a gentle way.

Clear | Balance | Nourish | Move

About Me

About Me

Yvette Francis
Certifications and Training
  • Yoga Practitioner since 1988

  • Reiki Practitioner - First and Second Degrees (2013)

  • Certified Massage Therapist (2016)

  • Muscle Energy Technique - Upper Body (2016)

  • Contemporary Chair Massage​ (2016)

  • 1st Year Shamanic Training (2018)

  • Access Consciousness Bars (2019) Learn more

How I Can Help You
  • Promote your physical relaxation and wellbeing through yoga.

  • Improve your emotional and mental balance with mindful breathing techniques through yoga practice.

  • Provide a nurturing supportive space where you can learn to be well.

  • Provide guidance on healthy eating through gluten-free, dairy-free cooking.

  • Promote general wellbeing and stress relief through guided meditations.

  • Create a healing environment within your body by releasing energy blocks through Reiki treatments.

  • Provide guidance on stress management through online coaching sessions.

My Philosophy on Healing and Wellness

After 3 careers, I am now living my passion as a Yoga Therapist in Trinidad & Tobago. I believe that true wellness happens from the inside out, through the holistic healing of body, mind, spirit and emotions.

My own healing journey has taken me from being a stressed-out single mother and employee, to a new life of passion, joy and fulfilment. I have learned how to minimise and manage stress thus allowing my body to heal. I help my clients to do the same using therapeutic touch, movement, energy work, nutrition, and words of healing.

My approach is to hold a nurturing space where a person can receive healing treatments, and also learn how to allow themselves to be well. I work with small groups in yoga classes and wellness retreat settings.

I create an experience of deep relaxation and support for you - a personalised healing space.

Over time I have developed and mastered several gluten-free and dairy-free recipes in support of your healthy lifestyle. Get your copy of Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free Cooking: With Love From Yvette's Kitchen.

Since 2016, I have had among my Yoga Therapy clients, women and men over the age of 60 whom I have helped to achieve greater mobility and reduced joint and muscle pain. Arising out of this wonderful experience I have put together my book Complete Yoga Routine for Seniors.

My own journey has brought me from a place where I was extremely stressed and not at all in charge of, or happy with my life. The day I decided that I could not go on that way, was the day I set foot on the road to much greater self-awareness, freedom, joy and self-love. The writings that I share with you in my book Everyday Wisdom: Healing Words for the Journey are the product of countless moments of introspection, tears shed, and lessons learnt. It is my immense joy to share this with fellow travellers on the journey of self-love; on the quest for healing; in the hope that you may find much-needed treasures among these words that are spoken from the heart of one not much different from you.

Love Yourself Into Wellness