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The Healing Process

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Have you ever wondered about how healing happens?

I have discovered, through my own recent healing experiences, that there is a definite process involved which starts with alignment.


The word alignment as defined by the Oxford Dictionary is: "arrangement in a straight line or in correct relative positions." In the context of healing, alignment may refer to adjustment in the physical positioning of body parts to bring them into their correct positions relative to each other; or perhaps emotional adjustment to bring thoughts and feelings into perspective. Whichever way the alignment happens, that’s where the healing process starts.

Energy Flow

Due to the alignment, life force energy begins to flow into places in your body, or places in your life, where it previously couldn’t flow; where it may have been blocked. Once this alignment takes place and energy is now flowing more freely, you may then experience discomfort in your physical body, or emotions. This may manifest in various ways, such as shivering or chills in the body, or unusually intense emotions.

Energy Shift

Due to renewed flow of life force energy (also known as Qi, Chi, or Prana), we are now open for the major energy shift that can bring deep healing in the ways that we most need it. In my own experience, I received a physical alignment of the spine and sacrum, which was accompanied by uncontrollable shivering and chills, as my energy then flowed unobstructed through certain areas of my body.

In the following weeks, I experienced a profound psychic healing of my intestinal system during sleep time. This deep energy shift brought significant relief from food allergies that had bothered me for 20 years; the IBS symptoms were greatly reduced, and I felt more physically well. This healing was verified by an energy medicine doctor who noticed that the intestinal distress that he had detected 4 or 5 months earlier, were no longer evident.

Vulnerability and Receptivity

In order to truly heal, we must be receptive to deep energy shifts; but being receptive means being vulnerable; being open to the changes. In body, mind, and emotions we must be in a vulnerable state - a wide open space where we can receive healing.


In the weeks following such a healing event, we continue to be in this vulnerable state, and as such we must exercise very gentle self-care; drinking lots of pure water; getting enough rest for body, mind and emotions. We must also be mindful of the people that we bring into our energy space at that time. In my experience, in the weeks following my psychic healing, I was at the time, unaware of the fact that I was in this highly sensitive, vulnerable space, and returned too soon to doing energy healing work with clients; this delayed the full integration of my healing and made it more challenging.

So as we proceed beyond the profound healing event that the initial alignment would have prepared us for, we need to then allow ourselves time in gentle environments to fully integrate the healing; allow the body and energy field to restructure themselves; allow the integrity of the energy field to be restored, so that we can return to full strength.

Being Well

I truly believe that we heal from the inside out by treatment of body, mind, spirit and emotions; that in order to heal, we must first accept the healing even before there is physical evidence of it; that this attitude of acceptance requires vulnerability and openness; that we need to give ourselves the time and space in which we can heal; and that we remain well by maintaining balance among all aspects of our WHOLE self. May you be well.

Many blessings to you!


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